Integrated Water Resource Management

Achieving good water quality and meeting users needs

Satisfying water needs and preserving aquatic environments requires a balanced and concerted approach of water resources management.

SCE helps clients to build collaborative projects with all stakeholders that deal withboth local and global issues, such as :

> Water management policy design
> Economic and environmental assessment of water management policies
> Design of action plans for conserving the quality of water resources
> Organisation of dialogue and project management
> Governance and capacity building organisation of contracting authorities

Our services

• Design and review of public policies
• Technical and legal support for water management plans
• Institutional studies (organisation of governing structure, legal and financial implications)
• Socio-economic studies to support public policies

Simultaneously addressing local and global issues is the goal of our global approach which focuses on multidisciplinary skills and co-building projects with all stakeholders. Our range of available expertise and collaborative working process creates a concrete interdisciplinary project culture.

Managing rivers, floods and wetlands as well as agricultural pollution, urban hydraulics, water process, urban planning and landscape are also part of our core expertise.

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