Mobility & Transport

Making journeys easier 

Sustainable territorial development requires to build infrastructure and transport services that meet increasingly diverse transportation needs and are respectful of the environment. 

A successful mobility integrates all transportation modes.

SCE designes, advises and implements transportation organisation and planning projects :
> Public Transport
> Active Transportation & Accessibility
> New Transport Modes 
> Traffic
> Mobility
> Parking

Our services

• Mobility study
• Transportation study
• Network restructuring
• Social and economic study
• Detailed design
• Works supervision
• Technical assistance


Transport planning is critical to ensuring efficiency and resilience of our cities and territories.
The challenge lies in connecting the various scales and functions to ensure a sound development of our cities and territories. Our global approach draws together diverse expertises (urban planning and landscape, environment and transport infrastructure).

En Chine, souhaite développer le transport de marchandises via des conduites souterraines.…