The values and HR commitments of the Keran Group are our basis for developing strong relationships with our staff.

These include :

  • Revealing and nurturing talent
  • Facilitating mobility
  • Promoting synergies and collective initiatives
  • Creating conditions that foster staff involvement and fulfillment

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SCE offers its employees diversified career paths so they can develop their talents and skills. Be it in design and engineering, project management, management or business development, staff members play an active role in their own professional development and SCE provides daily support in this endeavor (Keran School, mobility, internal promotion opportunities….).

Staff talent - the backbone of our company’s strength

Design engineer, Nantes

« “I joined the team in 1998 as a cartographer. With a geography degree in hand, my job mainly involved producing drawings of sanitation networks. In 2002, the urban infrastructure division needed a draughtsman. The existing team members trained me (software, work methods, etc.) and gradually, I progressed from draughtsman to designer. I routinely work with the infrastructure team leader, architects, landscapers, and hydraulic experts to collectively work on projects. »



Environmental engineer, specialised in natural environment, La Rochelle

« My job is to take account of the natural environment in large-scale projects (master plans) or smaller scale projects (urban, nfrastructure…). After an initial in situ survey where we identify flora and fauna (birds, amphibians, reptiles, etc.), we identify potential risks then we propose measures to avoid, reduce, or mitigate the project impacts.
What I prefer about my job is that each project has a different natural environment, from the Armorican Massif to the Mediterranean, thus  it means that I get to discover new species.»


Urban infrastructure project work supervisor, Nantes

«SCE strength lyes with the multidisciplinary of its teams. It’s truly fulfilling working alongside other experienced engineers with such diverse skills. It’s very gratifying to offer my clients a large panel of expertise that guarantees them greater responsiveness at reduced costs. I have worked on the BRT system in Le Mans (7.3 km and 14 passenger stations) as infrastructure works contract manager. The magnitude of the project has led me to interact with a variety of professionals: urban planners, landscapers, system engineers, traffic light engineers, civil engineers…»


Urban hydraulics service manager, Nantes

« When I started at SCE I was 23 and it was my first job. After five years, I became team leader, which gave me the opportunity to work on projects in Croatia and Bulgaria. Since 2013, my role has been enriched and my responsibilities expanded with the hands-on management of a team of 8 people. Today, I am project manager for my own assignments, but I must also attentive and available for the team. I try to support and guide them in their respective projects. »

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