Agriculture and Environment

Diagnostic and recommendation to reconcile agriculture and environmental protection

Farming activities have a strong impact of the environnemental quality of territories.
Understanding the multidisciplinary interactions (water, biodiversity, landscape, energy, air, waste) requires a high level of technical (such as soil, climate, farming systems, cultivation practices) and socio-economic expertise.
Analysis and reflection work must be carried out in close collaboration with farmers and requires strong capacity in facilitating cooperation between stakeholders (farmings and non-farming).

From development to implementation of agri-environmental policies, SCE provides its technical, environmental and institutional expertise to public and private contracting authorities to facilitate the management of agricultural and environmental relations.

> Mapping and monitoring of agricultural pressures on the environment
> Definition and assessment of agri-environmental schemes
> Assistance with the implementation of recommendations

Our services

• Diagnostic of sustainable agricultural land use
• Diagnostic of agricultural pressures
• Soil studies (agronomy, erosion, pollution transfer)
• Technical assistance to reduce the use of phytosanitary products (Weed management plans, differentiated green space management, pesticide practices improvement plan)

As farming impacts every aspect of territories, our global approach refuses to simply juxtapose skills and addresses instead all the issues and their interactions.
SCE can also provide expertise in integrated water resource management, rivers and wetlands, environment and water process.
With our expertise in urban planning and landscape, infrastructure engineering and urban hydraulics we can also offer integrated solutions for the sustainable management of rural areas.

In 2014, SCE received accreditation from Certi'phyto (certificate No PL01752) for its proficiency in the use of phytosanitary products and techniques to reduce their use (pest risk reduction, alternative pest-control techniques, etc.).

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