Asset management and spatial strategy

Developing and implementing suitable strategies

The building sector accounts for over 43% of French energy consumption. With only 1% to 2% of new buildings a year, existing buildings are a key contributor to the achievement of “Factor 4” objectives to reduce climate warming. Faced with these ambitious goals along with ever-growing budgetary constraints, property managers, i.e. local authorities, must establish and implement short-, medium- and long-term strategies that anticipate and plan actions.

An approach addressing various planning scales is necessary to work closely with the different stakeholders involved and to drive the changes that will lead to energy transition.

SCE provides assistance and expertise in nurturing energy strategy and identification of energy-saving opportunities in your urban development projects :
Masterplans and strategic building management plans
Action plans and monitoring of objectives (Multiannual Investment Plan, etc.)
> Maintenance contracts, operating contracts, energy performance contracts
> Energy supply and renewable energy supply studies
> Energy procurement


Our services

• Diagnostic and due diligence
• Feasibility study
• Technical expertise
• Preliminary and detailed design
• Technical assistance
• Works supervision

SCE holds the OPQIBI RGE 1905 certification, which is required for carrying out energy audits on commercial buildings or multi-family dwellings.

As required by this certification, our energy audits are conducted according to the methodology stipulated in standards No’s 16247-1/2012 and 16247-2/2014, which aim to improve energy efficiency in existing buildings.

In addition to energy related building techniques, our wide range of internal expertise allows us to provide additional skills in urban planning and landscape, structural engineering and environment. This global approach enables us to respond to complex challenges and to ensure coherent urban development projects.

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