Civil engineering

Engineering and maintaining structures

Structures such as bridges are part of the living infrastructure and are essential components of transport networks. Each structure is unique and when built must appropriately satisfy numerous conditions in terms of the functions required, building regulations, financial costs, phasing of works, aesthetics, structure's integration into its surroundings and durability.

SCE provides technical assistance from design through to construction of new structures. We can also assist you with inspections, problem solving and repairs to older structures :

> Metal, concrete and mixed structures
> Hydraulics structures
> Maritime et harbour structures
> Retaining structures
> Ordinary and special bridges
> Viaducs

Our services

• Problem solving and repairs
• Technical assistance
• Preliminary and detailed design
• Works supervision



To meet the ever-more complex demands of our clients, we combine these skills with our expertise in urban planning, landscape and environment in a global approach that integrates technical, environmental and financial factors.

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