Contaminated sites and soil

Anticipating and controlling risks and recycling contaminated sites

Contaminated sites and soils and their impacts on health and the environment are a major issue for any economic activity. The financial, administrative and legal consequences of environmental pollution or an unsuitably managed risk can create major hurdles for development and tarnish the image of a business.
Given the increasing pressure on land resources, the regeneration of industrial brownfield and urban sites represents a real land development opportunity.

SCE assists public and private project owners with their projects from evalution to implementation stage :

- Real estate developments
- Urban regeneration and development projects
- Regeneration and industrial brownfield sites remediation
- Land transactions
- Site management and monitoring
- Sediment management
- Site rehabilitation

SCE helps you to successful implement your projects, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations and the French standard for "Working with contaminated sites and soils" (NF X31-620).

• Diagnostic and expert assessments : 
    - historical, documentary and vulnerability studies, 
    - Environmental assessment,
    - Design and supervision of contamination investigation and monitoring programmes,
    - Management plans, cost-benefits analysis,
    - Interpretation of environmental condition (IEM),
    - Health risks analysis (EQRS, ARR).

• Technical assistance :
    - Verification of investigation or monitoring programmes, 
    - Verification of management measures,
    - Design and management of decontamination programmes, 
    - Supervision and commissioning of works.

• Regulatory procedures :
    - Cessation of activity
    - Easements and usage restrictions
    - Standard reports (IED Directive)
    - Documentation required under French water regulations
    - Applications, authorisations

• Environmental monitoring :
    - Samples, measurement, analyses (soils, water, sediment, soil gas, ambient air, foodstuffs, etc.),
    - Four-year monitoring,
    - - Post-operation monitoring for classified installations (ICPE).

Our experts benefit from SCE's multidisciplinary culture and can integrate all aspects of projects, particularly urban and environmental issues.
With this global project approach and our dialogue with the different stakeholders we can identify the most effective actions and guarantee a successful outcome of our work.

SCE has signed the Charter of commitments for environmental assessments.

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