Environmental Impact Assessment

Integrating environment in projects

Central to our approach, the environment is not a constraint but an opportunity that must be integrated at early stage to ensure the project sustainability.

The teams work closely with the stakeholders giving always preference to dialogue and cooperation. They develop a global approach that integrates environment all the way – from strategic policies to projects implementation.

SCE provides assistance to contribute to the sustainable development of your land :

> Master plan and local urban plan
> Transport infrastructure
Urban projects
> Power lines
> Ports developments

Our services

• Environmental assesment of plans and programs
• Environmental impact assesment of projects
• Faune and flora expertise
• Noise, risk and air study, carbon footprint
• Regulatory procedures (Environmental Impact Studies, Water Act, Natura 2000, protected species
• Natural environments management plan
• Project management, design and works supervision (natural environments and noise)
• Enviromental assesments and monitoring
• Technical assistance
• Environmental management

We benefit from additional expertise in urban planning & landscape, transport engineering & environment and thus we can provide our clients with a sound globabl approach for their projects that integrates all the topics and interactions.

Grâce à nos compétences complémentaires en urbanisme et paysage, ingénierie des infrastructures et environnement, nous apportons à nos clients une vision globale et cohérente des projets, assurant la prise en compte de toutes les thématiques et les interactions.

SCE has signed the commitment charter of engineering consultants in environmental impact assesment.

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