Technical Building Expertise

Building the new and rehabilitating the old

How we build or rehabilitate spaces for living, working, learning or leisure is today a priority issue. Our environmental situation requires deep changes in building practices and techniques, in order to meet the challenges of the next few decades. The building sector is today committed to making this transition and transformation is underway.
Part of this involves considering the act of building or renovating buildings as a complex and systemic task in which compromises must inevitably be sought. An expert command of regulations, technology and simulation tools are essential to the emergence of coherent and environmentally friendly developments.

Through our global approach and the wide range of expertise that we offer, we provide support to private and public project owners for construction/rehabilitation projects :

> Fluids: electricity (high/low voltage)/air-conditioning/ventilation/heating/plumbing
> Fire safety systems coordination
> Renewable energies (solar/wood/geothermal)
> Thermal performance (regulatory calculations, dynamic thermal simulations)
> Environmental certifications (HQE, BREEAM, LEED)
> Energy study

Our services

• Diagnostic and due diligence
• Technical expertise
• Preliminary and detailed design
• Technical assistance
• Works supervision
• Performance monitoring


Through this combination of project skills and technical building expertise, we assist clients with building management and energy strategy. Thanks to our wide range of internal expertise, we can also provide additional skills in urban planning and landscape, structural engineering and environment.

This global approach enables us to respond to complex challenges and to ensure seamlessly integrated and coherent urban development projects.

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