Urban and landscape planning

Our Ateliers up+  group together the urban planning and landscape expertise of SCE

We have brought urban planning, territorial development and landscape experts together in our ateliers up+ as we believe that it stimulates emulation and leads to even better project results.
From how stakeholders interact, to the way towns, cities and regions are governed, we are re-thinking the way development projects are designed.
For stakeholders to work together and take ownership of projects, we believe that thinking must emerge from a collaborative process. We lead this process within our workshops, employing participatory methods such as consultation..

Acting as a collaborative platform and an ideas lab, our workshops help create a shared project culture from planning to project management. We work at all urban and territorial planning scales, with a constant concern for current and future timeframes, uses and sites. We strongly believe in giving our projects a veritable identity of place and take a proactive approach to changes in uses, lifestyles and modes of living.

This focus leads us to consider new approaches to communal space, be it urban, rural or natural, and to explore methods of renewal and transformation that are driven by a desire for efficiency and the re-use of space.


Connecting project scales and timeframes

We want to contribute to the making of towns and cities, whether it be at the strategic thinking or implementation stage. Furthermore, we want to be a driving force on topics which we feel strongly about, such as the importance of nature in towns and cities, territorial development, site usage and the organisation of spaces.

Our workshops come under the Keran group's governance, but enjoy conceptual and operational independence. This allows us to have a broader scope of thinking, to boost collaboration and to enlarge knowledge on infrastructure, transportation, mobility, civil engineering, terrestrial and marine environments, hydraulics, energy and information systems, and to further develop our activities abroad.

Co-building projects and coordinating multidisciplinary skills

Our methods and workshops are above all driven by an integrated and multidisciplinary approach which is designed to meet the challenges of urban development.

This approach also leads us to form partnerships with other specialists, for even stronger teams and even better solutions. The professionals we work with all share our interests and beliefs, as well as our appetite for cross-disciplinary collaboration and our desire to offer innovative proposals.

Our workshops were created and are organised to ensure our involvement in stakeholder discussions and in urban planning. We offer a strong local presence and work closely with partners in an open and collaborative manner, seeking varied experiences that are essential to the richness of our proposals.



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