Urban Hydraulics

Organising and managing urban water systems

Managing water sustainably is vital for communities and it is therefore a crucial aspect of planning and development.
This everyday challenge requires effective, cost-efficient and reliable drinking water and sanitation infrastructure.

SCE provides assistance for the construction and/or rehabilitation of infrastructures such as :
> Networks
> Reservoirs
> Regulation tanks
> Pumping stations

Our services

• Technical, legal and financial due diligence
• Infrastructure diagnostic
• Feasibility study
• Detailed design and works supervision
• Technical assistance for public water and sanitation service management

Thanks to our additional skills, we use a global approach to projects. This allows us to produce a consistent vision and to think in terms of overall cost, incorporating technical, environmental and financial factors.

Supported by our panoply of internal expertise we can provide assistance on many of the associated issues : water process, integrated water resource management, river management, urban planning and landscape, urban infrastructure, environment, etc.


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