Urban Infrastructure

Developing public space

Urban infrastructure projects are central to sustainable territorial development. They must be designed to meet the requirements of changing lifestyles and the expectations of citizens in terms of quality of life and management of risks and hazards.

SCE provides assistance for development and regeneration projects :
          > Urban public space
          > Residential areas
          > Business parks
          > Urban lighting
          > Publics facilities
          > Smart city projects

   Our services

          • Feasability
          • Preliminary studies
          • Detailled design and works supervision
          • Ordonnancement, Pilotage et Coordination
          • Technical assistance

Urban infrastructure is a key part uf urban systems, thus we use a global approach based on in-house expertise in transport infrastructure, mobility and transport, civil engineering, urban planning and landscape, water and sanitation infrastructure and environment. This enables us to meet all the project challenges and to ensure coherent urban development.


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