Water Process

Treating all kinds of water

Treating water today requires increasingly high performing processes in order to meet sanitary, environmental and water regulation standards.

SCE provides assistance for all kinds of water process projects :
> Fresh water or sea water
> Wastewater
> Industrial waters
> Storm water
> Sludge and by-products

Our services

• Technical and financial due diligence
• Infrastructure diagnostic
• Feasibility study
• Detailed design and works supervision
• Maîtrise d’œuvre conception et réalisation
• Energy efficiency / re-use study
• Water reuse study


Further to our technical expertise, our global approach focuses on dialogue and consultation with the various project stakeholders to ensure an accurate initial need assessment and a good understanding of the economic, environmental and institutional situation.

Supported by our wide range of internal expertise, we can also provide assistance with many associated issues : urban hydraulics, integrated water resource management, river management, urban planning and landscape, urban infrastructure, environment, etc.

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